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SubjectRe: Directory name problem...
On Sun, Oct 25, 1998 at 05:00:25PM +0000, Riley Williams wrote:

% Already tried, and he's not interested, but I did find out what script
% he's using...
% Q> #!/bin/sh
% Q> XYZZY="`find / -name core`"
% Q> for LOOP in `find $XYZZY | sort -ru` ; do
% Q> rm -fr $LOOP
% Q> done


mkdir -p "evil /how/did/this/get/deleted/I/needed/that /core"

I find this to be truly sad.

% Apparently, the version I use (and show above) is "too simple to do
% the job"...and the version he uses was written for him by his son,
% who's doing Comp Sci on Solaris as school - aged 14 !!!

<double sigh>

And you can't even tell him why this script is so bad (and inefficient)
without insulting his progeny...

Does this sysadmin want to delete all dirs named "core", or is he just
worried that the simple version will miss some of the files? In the
latter case you might be able to convince him that his son thought he
wanted to solve the latter problem, and that while the good script is
"too simple" for the latter case, it's perfect for the former.


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