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SubjectRe: PCI Modem Support

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From: Gary Smith <>
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Date: Saturday, October 24, 1998 12:12 PM
Subject: RE: PCI Modem Support

>The simple fact is yes there are a lot of cheap PCI modems out there. But
>here is the problem. I have not successfully found a driver that will work
>on any two PCI modems. It seems that every manufacturer make them slightly
>incompatible from the next. I still use my old ISA modem for its
>reliability. The PCI modems just don't have the same eligibility or
>as the ISA (I could be wrong).
>I would not waste as much time working with PCI modems as I would trying to
>get USB to work. The way that I see it is the PCI modems is just the step
>between ISA and USB.

The problem with the USB only approach is that it will lock us Linux Users
into using external modems only. For one this means paying twice as much
for a modem as externals are naturally going to be more expensive. Besides
which there is still no garantee that USB will take off, not to mention that
I have seen nothing but problems with the various few USB devices out there.
PCI is a much more well know and stable interface.

>If you can get a universal PCI modem driver working under any OS then you
>will undoubtedly make some serious cash.
>Gary Wayne Smith
>This is my opinion, there are many others like it but this one is mine.

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