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SubjectDirectory name problem...
Hi there.

I know this will sound daft, and to an extent, I feel daft for asking
it, but it's one problem that I could do without...

The system administrator of the main system I use recently installed a
script which automagically deletes all directory entries named 'core'
every time it's run, which looks like hourly.

At face value, this looks like an eminently reasonable thing to do,
and it would be apart from one slight problem, which is that it
prevents the Linux kernel sources from compiling...

Unfortunately, the Linux kernel source tree includes a directory named
core - check for yourself, it's in directory net under wherever you've
stored the kernel from - and one side effect of the said script is
that every time it's run, the said directory and everything in it gets

I've had a word with the said administrator, who insists that the only
thing that's ever created with the name 'core' is a coredump file,
despite the obvious absurdity of that claim, so there's obviously no
relief available from that source. In addition, when thinking about
it, one soon realises that similar problems are almost bound to occur
elsewhere for precicely the same reason, probably resulting in lots of
unnecessary bug reports as well...

From my perspective, the simplest solution would be to rename that
directory to something else, and then edit the relevant Makefiles to
use the new name instead - as far as I can see, nothing else would be
affected - and if that is the case, this change shouldn't have the
slightest effect on the actual code produced...

As far as I can tell, the said directory contains the core networking
routines, hence its name. If so, reasonably obvious alternative names
would be any of the following:


...or even...

Core <= note the capital C here...

Best wishes from Riley.

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