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Subject.126 umsdos oopzen

I got a fresh whole 2.1.126, got awk so I could menuconfig,
pointed gcc at it, and it wouldn't link. umsdos
stuff unfound. I looked in fs/umsdos/dir.c, and that static
thing Sulmicki took out in his patch, or something similar,
still seemed to be there. Anyway, I deleted one occurence
of the word "static" in that file, and it linked. With PCI
and MCA support, ext2 and umsdos. There were 2 warnings
about assignment from incompatible pointer type in main.c,
otherwise a clean build.
Tried to boot to the DOS FAT umsdos partition that the gcc that
built it is on, and I got an oops 0002 like in .125pre/ac,
"unable to handle kernel paging request". Also had to tell it
/dev/sdc when in fact that partition is on sda. That is, what
everything else tells me are sda sdb and sdc, 2.1.125 and 6
are telling me is sdc sdb and sda. This is on
an MCA PS2.

Made a floppy, rdev'ed for the klone, and it booted to
hda1. yay. Got an oops there too, but it wasn't fatal.
It also was a kernel paging request, but the virtual address
in question was in the c0000000 range.
hda2 on the klone is FAT 32, with a live umsdos
Linux on it. rdev'ed the floppy for that, and got a similar
fatal oops to the one on the PS2, with a pertinent virtual
address in the 30000000 range, like on the PS2.

Back to the PS2, booted to msdos...
loadlin bzimage root=/dev/sdc5 rw boots. yay. Slackware
bitches about the rw, but it croaked on ro. And this is
not /dev/sdc5. It's /dev/sda5. But it boots. Still no
umsdos on either box tho.

I hope there's some info there for somebody. I could use some.

Rick Hohensee

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