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SubjectRe: Kernel freeze on boot (.123-.125) in IDE init

> > The next thing that bothers me is the 'C' firmware revision MPC3084AT.
> > Since the via82c586 base UDMA controls hang hard with the MPC3043AT 4.3G
> > Fujitsu drives and not MPB3043AT 4.3G drives with 'B' firmware revision,
> > there is a potential problem to check into also. This assumption is based
> > upon the similar methodology for setting chipset timings on VIA boards and
> > ALI boards.....the values an close but discrete locations in the
> > pci-config space differ.
> But why would that affect *hda*, which is a Quantum Fireball on the
> main-board controller, when all of the Fujitsu drives are on the Promise
> Ultra33 controller?

Duh (brain->/dev/null after midnight when I replied), thanks for the

> > > I've been able to stop this by commenting out line 168 in
> > > drivers/block/ide-pci.c:
> > > pci_write_config_byte(dev, PCI_ROM_ADDRESS, PCI_ROM_ADDRESS_ENABLE);
> >
> > What is the chipset base for your ASUS board?
> According to the part you quoted it's a ASUS P2B-DS with a 440BX...

(brain->/dev/null) repeat......

> ide-pci.c have somewhat different line-numbers in the 2.1.126-pre2ac2 I
> use, but it was easy to find the correct line. In my version that line is
> executed for ARTOP_ATP850UF and PROMISE_20246, which sounds like it
> *could* be his Promise Ultra33? (At least it's the right producer...)
> Now, unless it's actually run for the WRONG IDE chip-set I don't see how
> it could affect hda, but then again, weird things isn't that unusual in PC
> hardware :-)

Agreed, very unlikely but possible.........I have had one other proble
with ASUS boards since I started picking up where ML left off.

> Anyway, it's definitely worth checking for BIOS upgrades for both the
> motherboard ( and the Promise card (the MB BIOS sounds
> more likely, but...).

Promise Ultra/33 Bios v1.25 is what I am using for the record.

> Just checking, that 266 MHz Celeron isn't OVERCLOCKED? And the the PCI bus
> is running on 33 MHz. Otherwise all bets are of...

Promise Cards and AEC Cards seem safe to overclock the processor.
Since everyone is doing it, it is a default last test.

Andre Hedrick
The IDE-FNG for Linux
The APC UPS Specialist for Linux SUSPENDED

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