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    SubjectRe: IDE tape and SMP

    I have back checked the ide-driver parts that are pre-me and post-me,
    that is 2.1.121 and 2.1.122. In both cases using an offboard IDE
    controller (Promise Ultra/33) and calling tape commands via
    generic 'tar' commands "tar cvvf /dev/ht0".

    Everything seems functional under 2.1.123/124/125 there
    appears to be a hang and DSC timeout. I am hunting through the changes
    in the driver after 2.1.122 and deeper SMP/IO-APIC changes. If there is
    nothing in the ide-driver updates in 2.1.123/124/125/126 that 2.1.122 can
    not handle and ide-2.1.125/126 runs in 2.1.122, then I am left to conclude
    it is out side.

    Since there are reports that UP ide-tape is functional and behaving
    (not verified personally), there may be bigger issues to follow-up.

    I recall that there are some new ADAPTEC SMP problems that have popped up
    lately. These may be totally unrelated issues, but if they are having
    timing faults also, there may be a crossover effect.

    Andre Hedrick
    The IDE-FNG for Linux
    The APC UPS Specialist for Linux SUSPENDED

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