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Subject"Self-contained Solution" [was Re: Motherboard design specifically for Linux]
- -------------------------------------

Vojtech Pavlik said:
"The serial (and/or floppy) loading mechanism
was intended, in this thread, to allow fix a
badly flashed rom, as a last resort when
nothing else helps."

Simon replied:
"in my case "the last resort" would involve
taking the machine apart and adding a floppy
drive *or* connecting another machine running
some special software which would download the
kernel with some special protocol."

"that means that the solution is not *self contained*
i broken pc would not have the h/w and/or s/w to
repair a broken rom supermicro motherboards (and
i'm certainly not advocating them) have a system
whereby if you hold down some key (i forget which)
when you turn on the machine and there is a floppy
in the drive - the boot code will load a new rom
image from the floppy. absolutely minimal!"

- -------------------------------------

Ummm, please forgive my intrusion.

Would you mind explain a little bit more on what you mean by "self-contained
solution", please?

Many thanks in advance.


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