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SubjectRe: Static v Dynamic IP on dial-up?
Hi Erik.

>> 2. Having a dial-up with dynamic IP means that one generally gets a
>> different IP address assigned every time one connects, which can
>> cause some protocols to lose their channel over a disconnect and
>> reconnect sequence.

>> However, in my experience, this generally does NOT occur when IP
>> Masquerading is in use - although I've no idea why...

> It happens exactly the same with masquerading, you just haven't
> checked properly.

{Shrug} All I know is that with both ISP's where I've tried this out
(in both cases under kernel 2.0.34 prior to 2.0.35 being released), it
only happenned ONCE with IP Masquerading enabled, but OFTEN (but not
always) happenned without it...

I tend to believe what I actually see happen...

Best wishes from Riley.

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