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SubjectRe: Dynamic IP hack (PR#294)
Hi Olaf.

>>> I used to get 8 out of 10 successes off before I
>>> eventually set it up static anyway

>> My ISP has a policy: No we don't do static IP addresses.

> I work at an ISP, and we currently have trouble getting addresses
> assigned to hand out statically. The authority who manages them
> simply tells us, "give your customers dynamic addresses". We're
> actually getting forced to break our network by the Internet
> higher-ups.

Would your customers be unhappy if you installed a firewall? If not,
then it's very simple to get hold of MILLIONS of addresses for static
IP purposes, as has been stated at least twice before...

1. Put all your dial-in lines behind a Linux IP Masquerading
firewall. The rest of your network can quite happily sit
outside the firewall with no problems at all.

2. Allocate your customers static IP addresses in the 10.*.*.*
range - I make that some 16,777,214 valid IP addresses that
can be handed out, and if you've got that many customers,
you should be big enough to lay the law down to the geeks
who claim to be in charge of the Internet.

The above hardly causes a problem since the masquerading firewall will
change all outgoing addresses to one valid across the rest of the

Presumably, you have some problem with the above that I've not
experienced though...

Best wishes from Riley.

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