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SubjectNADS for Linux
This is the official announcment of the NADS project for Linux.

Network Architecture Discovery and Switching

NADS is a project to provide a specific networking enhancement to Linux to
improve client<->server transaction speed by allowing a server to be
placed at multiple points on a network and communicate to clients using
the interface which is closest to it. It is in a similar spirit to IP
routing, but will work without requiring subnetting or any client
modfications. It also, incidently, solves the problem of having a server
which is also acts as a bridge.

For more information, including illustrations of the idea, please check
out our web page at and feel free to e-mail any
questions you have to us ( Since this is for senior
design for our college (Auburn University), we have a specific schedule
for completion (around March) and are required to do thorough

Currently, the project is still in the design phase (schedules for
completion are available on the web site).


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