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SubjectRe: AIC7xxx timeouts/What can I send to you
On Tue, 20 Oct 1998, Ricardo Galli Granada wrote:

> Hi Doug,
> I sent you last week a report of the aic driver giving tons of
> timeouts with a 2940UW adapter.
> Last weekend I stopped our SMP production machine (a RC440LX with 2 PII
> 300) with a 7880. It gave me same errors from the very begining, I just
> went back to a stock non_SMP 2.0.35 kernel.
> It seems the few people are affected by this timeouts, anyone knows why?
> It's very strange that in our two servers with Adaptecs we have the same
> problem.


We have the same problem here with ASUS P2L97 boards and the onboard
aic7880p. We have about 15 of the things, and recently I tried to upgrade
3 of them to 2.1.125 -- one worked perfectly, the other two started giving
timeouts. I tried playing with termination both in the bios and with the
override option with the driver and had no luck, so I decided to take a
look at what was different between the machines.

So far, I have found that the boards that are failing are newer ASUS P2L97
revisions (2.01 vs 1.05) and the aic7xxx also has a newer serial number on

works machine moborev chip chiprev / serial / made in
yes stats 1.05 aic-7880p AQWA751 722511 BF3708.1 HONG KONG
no lemon 2.01 aic-7880p BQEA745 740111 BC9772.1 KOREA
no sprite 2.01 aic-7880p BQEA745 740111 BD0376.1 KOREA

I tried flashing the bios on "lemon" to a brand new bios with no luck, so
I tried with the same bios in stats and also had no luck. It looks like
something to do with the actual chip revision. The only other thing to
note might be that "stats" has both narrow and wide buses attached while
the other two have only wide (one device on each bus for all buses in all
machines right now). I tried different cables and lowering the sync
speed in the bios on lemon, too, also with no luck.

I will try putting 2.1.125 on a few other servers (I found one with yet
another serial number that says it's made in Singapore that I'm
interested in), and see if I can narrow it down any more.


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