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SubjectRe: [Getting ridiculously off-topic] Re: Linus is on a powertrip..
"A month of sundays ago david parsons wrote:"
> >Well, that's testable.
> It may be testable, but it's the wrong test.
> What you should test is a project run by _Linus Torvalds_ under the
> current open development schema vs. a project run by Linus under a
> more formal development schema.

Uh no. One has to test a project run by X under model Bazaar against
a project run by X under model Formal, where X can be anyone, but has to be
the same X in each case. I believe E. Raymond did such a test with
X = E. Raymond, but maybe I remember wrong.

> If you compare stuff that Linus manages vs. almost anyone else, the
> test will go in Linus's favor, because he's a damned good project
> manager and they are very very rare.

So there are two influences, the model and the person. So what? That's
not an intrinsically more complicated problem. It just requires two tests
to estimate both factors. Boy, doncha' love this statistics 'tuff.

And I suppose Linus _has_ written other software :-).

I have nothing to contribute the present deabte, unfortunately, except
sympathy, since I also get about 400 mails a day, a lot from linux kernel,
but a lot of teaching-related stuff, and lots on my own software, and
lots of research correspondence - on stuff I'm not doing, because I'm
reading the mail! I prefer one input queue. Procmail files stuff for
me that I haven't read yet every day at 11pm. But ....

... if I were Linus, I'd just bounce patches that I haven't read by
11pm with an apologetic note to the author asking them to keep
bothering him, and keep trying to get his attention! That way the
patch shouyld evolve into a shape that Linus will just _love_ to
read. Oh - and I also recommend that the patch come with a url to a
videotape of the author explaining what it's about.


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