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SubjectRe: Linus is on a powertrip..
Date (Larry McVoy) writes:

> The problem is - who would you groom? I can think of lots of people who
> would volunteer but most (all?) of them are also disqualified. It's an
> issue. I suspect that the grooming process would help.

here here. I think that the best person to make the eventual
decision for who/what/when/how Linus should be replaced is Linus
himself. Linux, like any software project, needs to have ONE leader
in order to be successful.

While i'm wasting bandwidth ;) i would like to add that i'm
rather bummed about this whole thread. Perhaps people should
step back and remember how much blood sweat and tears have
been poured into linux over the last seven years and
what the core contributors have to show for it (besides linux itself).

I honestly believe that instead of this insanity happening
with folks villifying Linus for doing his job (saying "yes" or "no"
when he feels that a definitive answer is needed), we should
thank him for taking time away from his wife and kids to head
the linux project.

Linus, et al, hats off to you.

(oh, and thank your wife and kids for being so understanding)

-- craig

Craig I. Hagan "It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to back it up"
hagan(at) "True hackers don't die, their ttl expires"
"It takes a village to raise an idiot, but an idiot can raze a village"

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