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SubjectRe: CVS server for linux kernel [was Re: Kernel 2.0.36pre11 uploaded]
> >Why there is no CVS server for linux kernel.
> You are touching an hot topic ;-). There is one but it' s used _mostly_ to
> develop no-i386 arch specific stuff (search for vger in the emails of this
> list and you' ll find the url).

CVS is ugly anyway, because there's no fine-grained access control (i.e.,
either you can change everything at will or you have only read-only

I really hope the PRCS people would do something about their planned
client-server support, it looks just like what we'd need -- I have the
whole kernel under PRCS locally (every release since 1.0.0) and might be
able to share the thing somehow, once the PRCS support is there.

Matthias Urlichs | noris network GmbH | | ICQ: 20193661
The quote was selected randomly. Really. |
The next person to mention
spaghetti stacks to me is going to have his head knocked off.
--Bill Conrad

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