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SubjectRe: Cyrix Detection -- NO SMP, please ?????
On Mon, 19 Oct 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

> > ask a user for a choice, but it's pretty wrong approach. The problem does
> > not exist provided I do have a function which returns the type of system (UP
> > or SMP) when called from under the UP kernel. It haven't to be 16bit 'coz
> > it'll be called from the installation program fired off the UP kernel.
> There is a table in one of several address spaces. The intel MP code we
> have finds the table, checks it and uses the data within. See the intel
> multiprocessing spec v1.4.
> You need to do it at boot as we may blow away some places it can hide, you
> also need to understand some boards have a table listing two CPU's but only
> one CPU

Looks kinda black magic... How can I do this is at boot when I do not have a
kernel to run a program?

So I repeat my question - does a utility capable of determining if we run on
an SMP or UP system AFTER UP kernel is booted exist? If so, please point

If such a utility does not exist or can't be run AFTER the kernel is fired,
it's the imperative to have SMP kernel boot and work reasonably stable on
any UP machine... It has not to be blazingly fast, but it has to work stable
enough for the distro installation to complete.

> > i386 have almost become a history. May be I'm wrong, but I don't see any
> > sense to run kernels on i386. The entry level is i486.
> With the AVL tree back in an 8Mb 386 is perfectly happy doing everything I've
> thrown at it.

Yes, it does. But we can't consider it as our future. How long they are
supposed to live? I do definitely consider i386 obsolete...

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