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SubjectRe: pre-2.1.126-2 sd.c does not build as module
Alan Cox wrote:
> > Missing symbols on NR_SCSI_DISKS or something like that. If more is
> > needed, ask.
> > --
> > Garst
> Can you see if 2.1.126pre2ac1 fixes that problem. If so let me know. I think
> its sorted for all cases. If a couple more folk confirm it I'll pass it on
> to Linus
Yes, it compiles and boots.
But, it also breaks PCMCIA scsi completely. This means that
Documentation/Changes is now also out of date. I do hope that whoever
made these changes at least informed Dave Hinds and other effected
maintainers. A post to the list that things are going to break wouldn't
hurt either. I expect breakage. That is why I test but lots of testers
would save some time with some advanced warning when a patch is so
obviously going to send stuff into limbo.
BTW Dave, there are a couple of missing ifdef CONFIG_PCI's missing in
14/16-Oct. testing also, so they do not compile on ISA for 2.1.125

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