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SubjectRe: Cyrix Detection -- NO SMP, please ?????
> The dists should be shipping two sets of kernels. Both with PPRO opt
> turned on and MTRR support. This leaves out the i386. SO? What the hell
> are you doing Running RedHat 5.5 w/ a 2.2 kernel on a i386?!? PPro opt

People run Red Hat on 386 boxes and it works. I imagine they'd be quite upset
if someone said 'tough upgrade your hardware'. After all that attitude from
other vendors is how half of them came to decide to run Linux in the first

A distribution is about getting people up and running in a supportable
fashion. A vendor configured box is intended to suit everyone, in exactly
the same way as a new car generally comes configured for the general user.

For a vendor to ship SMP kernels, SMP has to be very solid, supportable,
and sufficiently demanded to justify the support costs. The technical code
issues of having two kernels are much less than the bean counting ones.


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