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SubjectRe: Magic SysRQ not working for me.
On Mon, 12 Oct 1998, Simon Kirby wrote:

>> >> I'm running 2.1.125, and have just finished reading the magic
>> >> sysrq documentation in the kernel Documentation dir. My kernel
>> >> has this feature compiled in, and I can't get it to work at all.
>> >> I have a standard AT keyboard (M-Tek K208) and have never had any
>> >> keyboard trouble before with anything.
>> >>
>> >> Is there a problem with sysrq, or do I have to do something to
>> >> enable it? I've searched /proc for a file that might need a "1"
>> >> dumped into it, to no avail.
>> >You're pressing ALT-PRINTSCREEN-<commandkey>, right? If so, then it should
>> >work. There are some keyboards on which it doesn't, though. You should
>> >read Documentation/sysrq.txt. It has an explanation of how to find out
>> >the real keycode.
>> Yes, my SYS-RQ key is labelled. I've read sysrq.txt as I stated
>> in my original post, and still have no sysrq function.
>Run "showkey" and see if pressing sysreq (alt-printscreen) gives the
>decimal value 84.

1 root@red:~# showkey
kb mode was XLATE

press any key (program terminates after 10s of last keypress)...
keycode 28 release
keycode 56 press
keycode 84 press
keycode 84 release
keycode 56 release

The 28 I believe the release from the enter key?
The 56 is the ALT key I think, and the 84 is SysRQ. So, it is
the right code. Any other ideas?

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