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SubjectRe: Is the kernel compiler gcc by definition?


On Wed, Oct 14, 1998 at 05:48:23PM -0400, RHS Linux User wrote:
> Is there a policy on what C constructs may be in the kernel?
> Or is gcc the de-facto definition of what kind of code is allowed?
> Or something else?

My believe is the standard de facto is Alan not gcc itself. Gcc is ANSI C
compliant with some GNU extensions. Usually you can put any ANSI C
constructs into the kernel.

> Does anything in the normal arguments to gcc preclude the use of gcc's
> labels-as-values? ( computed gotos).
> I did a quick grep for goto * and got no hits.
gotos are part of ansi c. They just make for very ugly programs. The use of
gotos in C is disencouraged 99.99% of the time cause it makes for spagheti

> Labels-as-values is a case where gcc is more low-level than "C", and is
> crucial to certain things, like the inner interpreter of gForth, and the
> Forth-like critter I'm ( back burner) working on.
I never did Forth but i'm almost sure i'm glad the kernel was not written in
forth heehhe.

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