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SubjectRe: The /tmp and modules_install saga
"A month of sundays ago Ken Pizzini wrote:"
> >Bet that's gnu and not posix. If it is posix, I'll pinch it.
> It's POSIX.
> Quoting from IEEE Std 1003.2-1992 (AKA POSIX.2):
> 4.41.3 Options
> [snip]
> -p Create any missing intermediate pathname components.

Thanks. Pinched. A whole multiplatform VPATH-based makefile now depends
on you.

Incidently this whole thing arose out of alan's statement that mktemp
was required if you're going to use /tmp. He got offered several ways
to avoid using files at all - don't know if he changed anything - but
I had occasion to set up a script that uses tmp files a couple of days
ago, so I tried to setup a mktemp replacement as mental exercise. I don't
think you need to. Just do:

1) grab two bytes from /dev/random and mkdir (umask!) using them
in /tmp (in case no /dev/random, use something else)
2) cd to the new directory and pwd to see where you are
3) if you are not where you should be, back out and go to 1).

I don't see any races there. But then there are lots of things I don't


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