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SubjectRe: APC, Your company is making a mistake!
On Mon, 12 Oct 1998, Riccardo Facchetti wrote:

>> You aren't following the issue. The apcupsd package is the
>> package that I'm discussing in the first place. It is GPL'd and
>> is binary only. Not to worry, things are in the works to get
>> this issue fixed.
>I must answer this one.
>The latest apcupsd is _not_ GPL'd any more. Or ... may be it claim to be
>GPL'd but sources are _not_ available any more.

The latest apcupsd *IS* GPL'd. The package's copyright SAYS
"GPL". The package is derived from GPL source code, and as a
derivative work it *IS* and *ALWAYS* will be GPL. The current
"maintainer" cannot release it in any other method *LEGALLY*.

>I was working on an extension of this package (for remote control of
>UPSes, I called it powerflute and was meant to be included with the
>sources of the package) when sources was sequestred by vanderbilt univ.

Yes, and if your program contained any GPL code, it too would
*HAVE* to be GPL'd.

>It was _not_at_all_ a GoodThing(tm): I was surprised of being informed
>that sources was not available any more (the powerflute and networking
>idea is not died of course). It is months that the official mantainer of
>that package claims he is managing to get the sources free again, but I
>have not seen any improvement of the situation. Now I personally do _not_
>consider apcupsd as free software any more.

No, it is in violation of GPL license. The author certainly
seems to be trying to get sources out, and I trust him so far.

>And yes ... I worry about this issue: I worry a lot because I was working
>on it when someone decided that sources was no more available !!!
>So, when you are in a shop and you must decide what UPS you are going to
>buy ... if I were you I do _not_ buy APC, at all, because there is no
>support by the community nor by APC.

I agree 100%.

>I actually own an APC ups but I bought it was before apcupsd sources was
>put in jail.

I got one for free.

>Since this e-mail is CC'ed to apcinfo, I have something to say to APC.
>I strongly suggest you to support officially Linux since I feel there is
>a _lot_ of people that think APC products are very good (and I am one of
>them, I have bought one). Learn by others errors: BusLogic is supporting
>Linux since the epoch and Adaptec published their specs only few months
>ago. Who do you think have made more sales to Linux people ?
>If you could just release a powerchute for Linux: we will be happy for the
>support and you will be happy for the sales.

Well, they won't be getting any sales from me, at least until I
feel they truly are an "open" company. That doesn't appear
likely to be changing any time _soon_ according to the mail that
I just received from them.

Mike A. Harris - Computer Consultant - Linux advocate

Linux software galore:

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