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    SubjectRe: TCP bad checksum with 2.1.125
    On Mon, 12 Oct 1998, Peter Loje Hansen wrote:

    >> TCPv4 bad checksum from to
    >>, len=632/632/652
    >> TCPv4 bad checksum from to
    >>, len=1480/1480/1500
    >> I don't know if this is a bug, or just an informative message, so
    >> I leave it to you all to decide.
    >> I'm using 2.1.125 compiled for uniprocessor on an AMD-K6-200.
    >> If any other info is needed, let me know.
    >I'm having the same problem, and I think it must be a bug because I
    >saw my first corrupted ftp transfer ever.
    >The problem only occurs when connecting to a customers "new" server,
    >a Digital 3000R/SMP. The NIC is A DE434/5:
    >eth0: DE434/5 at 0x7400 (PCI bus 0, device 10), h/w address 08:00:2b:e6:a5:14,
    > and requires IRQ15 (provided by PCI BIOS).
    >de4x5.c:V0.542 1998/9/15
    >I have made some tests with 2 local machines which both have 3c509 NIC's.
    >local 3000R
    >2.1.124 <-> 2.1.125 TCPv4 bad checksum
    >2.1.125 <-> 2.1.125-SMP TCPv4 bad checksum
    >2.1.125 <-> 2.1.125-UP TCPv4 bad checksum
    >2.0.33 <-> 2.1.125-SMP OK
    >2.0.33 <-> 2.1.125-UP OK
    >local1 local2
    >2.1.125 <-> 2.1.125 OK
    >I suspect it has something to do with changes made to
    >linux/drivers/net/de4x5.c in patch-2.1.125.gz?
    >But why does the errors not show up when connecting from 2.0.33?
    >Can you see the same pattern?

    I don't use 2.0.33. I use 2.0.35, 2.1.125. I only get trouble
    in 2.1.125. I haven't tested any other kernels prior to 2.1.125
    because necessary features didn't work for me until 2.1.125. Now
    I'm back to 2.0.35 until 126 comes out.


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