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    SubjectRE: 2.1.117 up: ALS100 soundcard and pc speaker.
    Firstly, apologies for the terrible formatting of the quotes in this email.
    We're MS exchange only at work. :(

    > ----------
    > From: Jonathan Woithe[]
    > Sent: 14 October 1998 02:11
    > To:; Paul Jakma;
    > Subject: Re: 2.1.117 up: ALS100 soundcard and pc speaker.
    > On Mon, 12 Oct 1998 you wrote:
    > > I've been having a problem with my souncard since i jumped ship to
    > > 2.1.117 and greater kernels.
    > Which kernel did you come from?
    came from 2.0.35. Went to 2.1.117, and have also tried .119 .121 .124 and
    .125. One of the reasons I changed to .117 was that accodring to the docs
    the sound module supported the ALS100 mixer fully.

    > > The problem is that all pc speaker sounds are also reproduced on the
    > > soundcard output. ie console bell is heard on the speakers connected to
    > > my soundcard in addition to the pc speaker.
    > Hmm.
    > > My soundcard is a SB pro compatible Avance Logic ALS100. The soundcard
    > > dcriver is compiled as modules.
    > What is the result when you do a
    > cat /proc/sndstat
    > ?
    I'm at work so i can't give an exact output. But it did recognise it as an
    ALS100. My setup is to use isapnptools to set up the card at the standard
    soundblaster settings. And then kmod to auto-load the sb and opl3 and
    dependant modules. (with the options in /etc/conf.modules).

    > > The problem starts immediately the first time the modules are loaded
    > > after a boot. Then it doesn't go away, even when the sound card modules
    > > are unloaded. Only a reboot and not loading the soundcard modules makes
    > > the problem go away.
    > This sounds like the PC speaker signal *may* be physically connected to an
    > auxillary input on the soundcard. Does the PC in question have an
    > internal
    > speaker? Does the internal speaker work before and/or after loading of
    > the
    > sound module?
    If the sound modules aren't loaded, then everything is fine. Bells are only
    heard on the PC speaker.

    If the module has been loaded. Then console bells are heard on the PC
    speaker and the soundcard, at the same time. Changing the pc speaker volume
    works for both outputs (pc speaker and soundcard).

    The problem doesn't go away if i unload the modules. Only a reboot will cure

    A physical connection is the most obvious answer i agree. But apart from the
    cd-rom audio cable and the actual ISA bus i don't see any. :). The pc
    speaker plugs into the motherboard where it should and no where else.

    > > It doesn't happen with kernel 2.0.
    > It may be that the aux input the speaker is connected to happened to be
    > turned down in 2.0 by default. Between 2.0 and now it is possible that
    > this input defaults to being turned up for some reason. The driver has
    > undergone considerable changes during 2.1.x.
    Are there any other possibilities? The pc speaker connects to the
    motherboard - could it somehow echo pc speaker output to the soundcard? It's
    a TMC TI5VG+ board with a VIA mvp3+ chipset.

    Could it be responsible? And if so how do we get the driver to work around
    the problem? I do want to hear the pc speaker, just not at 100dB from the
    soundcard speakers :)


    Paul Jakma.

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