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SubjectRe: compiling for non-VGA
I forgot to say, please CC me as I'm not subscribed (can't cope with it!)


John Rowland Lenton wrote:

> Hello.
> 1st of all, sorry if this has already been answered, I tried to search
> the archives for "hercules", came up with nothing, and just left it at
> that.
> I've been trying to compile a 2.1.12x (x=0|3) kernel on a 386 with a
> hercules monochrome card, but the thing crashes when it gets to compile
> videosomething.c (I'll include full description if the problem isn't as
> obvious as I think it probably is---I didn't copy them when it happened
> and it takes to long, over 2 hours). I end up having to include what I
> understand to be code for VGA support, the problem only arises when I
> remove the VGA console thing, and adding a 1-bit framebuffer device
> doesn't change a thing (should it?)
> Again, I know this isn't top priority but I could use the 386 monster if
> it worked...
> John.

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