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    SubjectRe: setting access rights to priviledged ports
    Stefan Monnier writes:
    ->I seem to remember people working on a "thingie" that would allow
    ->the sysadm to say that port 25 can be opened by user 'mail' so that
    ->sendmail can be made setuid-mail (and so on for news, dns, ...)
    ->Does such a thing exist ?

    The thing closest to it which is actually in linux kernel (2.1.x)
    is "Capabilties". But it is not a fine grained as you ask. It would let
    you give privilage to 'access ports'

    The thing you talk about was 'chown port' patch, which used to
    map ports onto filesystem and use chown to change them at will.
    I did not made into kernel


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