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SubjectRe: CVS/SSH with ext2fs causes serious fs problems
   Date: 	Mon, 12 Oct 1998 11:00:08 +0000 (/etc/localtime)
From: Scott Smyth <>

When cvs using ssh crashes, there are some weird character and
block device files created that I cannot alter. For example, in
the CVS directory:

br--r-srwT 1 29282 25972 105, 103 May 20 2031 Entries

What do you mean by "crashes"? Did cvs core dump? Did you get a kernel
panic? Did the machine lock up?

This kind of corruption usually means that garbage overwrote part of
your inode table, which is a pretty bad situation. It usually means a
kernel bug, or a hardware problem of some kind.

This happened without my paying attention and the root fs needs
to be cleaned up because now cvs cannot do anything because the
tmp directory is full. "rm", "chmod", etc... are totally
useless on these files. fsck did detect problems and I had the
"autofix (-y)" option on with the fsck run, but although it
completed happily, did not alter anything so I could clean the

The latest version of e2fsck (version 1.12) will clear these garbage
files, but the more important question is why are you seeing these
corrupted files in the first place? This is indicative of something
very seriously wrong.

Can you send more information about exactly what sort of "crashes" you
are seeing, what version of the kernel you have, what kind of hardware
you have, etc. That's the sort of information we'd need in order to
debug this.

- Ted

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