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SubjectRE: Different kernels coexisting on the same does it
On 12-Oct-98 Marc Corel wrote:
> Originally, I have redhat 5.0/kernel 2.0.32 on my linux box.
> I went downloading kernel 2.0.34 and 2.0.35, did installed them in their
> respective directories. That gives me following directories in /usr/src:
> -/usr/src/linux
> -/usr/src/linux-2.0.32
> -/usr/src/linux-2.0.34
> -/usr/src/linux-2.0.32
R U sure linux-version are not soft-links to /usr/src/linux?

> Of course I also did:
> In /boot: ln -sf vmlinuz-2.0.32 vmlinuz
> ln -sf vmlinuz-2.0.34 vmlinuz
> ln -sf vmlinuz-2.0.35 vmlinuz
then, the default image you are loading is 2.0.35 (the last thing you did
was to soft-link vmlinuz to 2.0.35)
> Finally, in /etc/lilo.conf , there are several stanzas of my several
> kernels.
what do they say? you can see what images are available to boot from at
the LILO prompt if you press the <TAB> key.
the first one in lilo.conf is the default,ie, the one to be used if you
press <ENTER> (or when it times out) at the LILO prompt.
do you run lilo after modifying lilo.conf or/and modifying /boot/vmlinuz?

> I) What I could understand is that whatever kernel I m bootin, there is
> a "trusted" kernel (if I can all it that way) and it s the original one
> that was installed on my system (kernel 2.0.32)
> right???
uname -a
in my sys:
Linux 2.0.35 #13 Thu Aug 20 01:24:36 EST 1998 i586
-----------------------^^^^^^^^ Kernel version using now.

again, it all goes back to wich kernel image you choose at the LILO prompt.

> II) Whatever kernel I m bootin, the config files stay the same...but
> this cause a problem:
> for ie..on kernel 2.0.32 IP_forwarding was not built in. On kernel
> 2.0.34 I specifically recompile IP_forwarding in, but there s no
> appearent difference between both.
if you compiled IN (ie, NOT as module), it is there. To see if it's there,
check /proc/net , you'll see the 'files' there :) (mind you that anything
in a proc filesys is not a file but an "interface" to the kernel.
IF you compiled it as a module, you should have it in

> III) Is the way I ve configured my system right (with those 3 kernels)??
> To make sure I m bootin the kernel of my choice, I copied the zImage of
> ech kernel on a floppy. So I just boot with the right floppy
what's the point in copying it from a floppy when you can do everything
from lilo????
man lilo
man 5 lilo.conf
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