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SubjectRe: linux-2.1.125 on Alpha 164LX
I want to give a quick status report on building kernel 1.2.125 on an
AVANTI-class machine (AlphaStation 200). Note that I'm compiling with
SMP=1. This is a stock kernel with no other patches applied.

1. Ran into the same problem as Andreas Haumer with
"kernel/dma.c"; had to add "#include <asm/spinlock.h>" (per
Andreas' suggestion) to get it to compile.

2. NO_PROC_IDE in include/asm/hardirq.h doesn't get defined
when compiling an SMP-capable kernel. I had to add
"#include <asm/smp.h>" to the SMP-specific section of the

3. arch/alpha/kernel/irq.c makes egcs-1.0.2-1 exit with an
internal error ("unrecognizable insn: (jump_insn 81 80 82
(return) -1 (nil) (nil))"). Neither egcs-1.1b-2 nor
gcc- exhibited this problem.

4. aboot (I boot from SRM) refused to boot any kernel
generated with binutils-, complaining about too
small a block size (or something like that). Backing down
to binutils- made aboot happy.

I don't know if MILO has any issues with the new binutils.

I attempted to rebuild aboot from RedHat's SRPM, but aboot
must have some "issues" with egcs or something. (I
couldn't get it to build and didn't have time to hack the
spec file to make it use gcc.)

The kernel has been running fine all day, although I must say that the
demands I put on this machine are modest (it's a small file server).
(X crashes occasionally (e.g. when playing xquake), but it's been a
problem since May (and I don't believe it is kernel related anyway).)

(P.S. If anyone has any suggestions for maintaining two copies of
binutils, please email me. I'd like to have both the stable and
development toolchains available, if possible. The compilers co-exist
peacefully; it would be nice if I could get binutils to do the same.)

Rev. Dr. Xenophon Fenderson, the Carbon(d)ated, KSC, DEATH, SubGenius, mhm21x16
Pope, Patron Saint of All Things Plastic fnord, and Salted Litter of r.g.s.b
"Abraham came not to sacrifice, but to know once and for all whether this God
was a god to be trusted and obeyed. No other test would do." (Fall of Hyperion)

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