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SubjectRe: Please try knfsd-981010

On Mon, 12 Oct 1998, H.J. Lu wrote:

> > FWIW, '' interfaces through eth1 (10Base-T Tulip PCI adapter) and
> > '' through eth0 (100BaseTx Tulip PCI adapter). These problems
> > started with kernel 2.1.125 & knfsd-981010.
> >
> Can you try kernel 2.1.125 & knfsd-980930 and
> repeat the whole thing? I need to narrow down
> the changes caused the problem.

Hi HJ,

knfsd-980930 still exhibits the same problem. When I went back to 98025,
mountd no longer segfaults. However, there are problems with resolution
of clients against wildcards under this version - it sometimes takes a
number of attempts before clients get authorized. Still, I'm now able to
run using 98025, so hopefully this will give you a hint as to where the
problems are occurring!


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