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SubjectRe: Kernel Config documentation
> 1) Is there a list of people working on documenting those options. I'd
> rather not duplicate work, etc.

Not that I know of. You might want to submit entries to matching MAINTAINERS
people if there are any first. The file itself has Axel Boldt as its
primary maintainer. Most of the recent work on it for 2.0.x has been from
other folk (Stepan Kasal especially)

> 2) The text for the help seems to come straight from
> ./Documentation/ What are the formatting rules for this file?
> What delineates one topic from the next and what marks a section as
> belonging to the option? (Does the CONFIG_ define match the text in the help
> file?)

It is (where [ ] is just for clarity)

[Text of prompt]
[2 spaces]text
[2 spaces]text
[2 spaces]text
[blank line]

for each entry. And 77 column width maximum (I think thats the right magic
number). That allows menuconfig room for borders

> 3) Are there any tools to make this process easier? Is the text read at
> run-time, or do I need to force a recompile of, say, the lxdialog code?

Run time

> 4) Alan, is it worth doing anything for the 2.0.x kernel at this point?

If there are any and someone does the work I will take them without
hesitation. Missing help is a bug in my book.

> 5) What else do I need to know?

I think thats it.


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