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SubjectRe: ide-dma & ST-36530A
On Tue, 13 Oct 1998, you wrote:
>On Tue, 13 Oct 1998, Mark Lord wrote:
>> > If I enable ide-dma support, I get strange errors while copying files onto
>> > that hd:
>> > -----------------------8<----------------------------
>> > Oct 8 16:50:22 top kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
>> > Oct 8 16:50:22 top kernel: 03:01: rw=0, want=134223737, limit=3076416
>> Those messages indicate a software bug in the kernel somewhere,
>> not a hardware failure.
>the wrong sector address is hexa 0x8001779, which is 1 bit Hamming
>distance away from a pretty normal sector address. Either the increased
>DMA activity puts the DRAM and/or the CPU under too big load
>(overclocking?), or this particular IDE chipset corrupts memory when using
I just clocked my System (K6-2/300 w. 64Mb/100Mhz Ram) as K6-2/200
w 66Mhz external bus clock to check if it's a clocking problem. Same error (so
it can not be a relabeld cpu or a ram that can't make 100 Mhz). This is really
strange. It's the _same_ error :
Oct 13 14:30:15 top kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device Oct 13
14:30:15 top kernel: 03:01: rw=0, want=134223743, limit=3076416 Same sector :-)
Maybe it's my ram. I will check this now.
No. I just repleaced the ram with another one :-/ Nothing new.

>-- mingo

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