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SubjectRe: Arm the gnus
In article <>,
Dave Cinege <> wrote:
>David Luyer wrote:
>> Please, kill this thread. I hadn't realised quite how insane Americans
>> are until this guns thread came up.
>And I find it quite sad, how many weakling sheep will step forward to bleet for
>enslavment and against freedom.

If you've got a Linux device driver for one of those spiffy US Navy
antiaircraft machine guns, that's probably worth mentioning in the
kernel mailing list, or at least giving a pointer to the ftp site
where you've got the driver code. But the US Navy probably would
laugh hysterically at the though of GPLing such a device driver,
and would no doubt prosecute you for treason if you published the

But I'm just a simple lefty, and try as I might I can't find the
linkage between your attempts to provoke a flamefest for insulting
those who don't agree To The Letter with your opinion on the net's
favorate tar baby and and design, implementation, and critiques of
the Linux kernel. And, no, really, you don't need to explain it;
I'll just wait for talk.politics.guns.linux-kernel to be newgrouped
and read it there.

david parsons \bi/ [reply-to address blackholed; be warned]

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