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SubjectRe: [ME TOO] Re: Linux-2.1.125 ... pre-2.2 imminent - SCSI issues
In article <>,
Alan Cox <> wrote:
>> Why? The 1.2.13 driver seems to work just fine for me, and when I
>> UDIze it I'll be able to carry it from kernel release to kernel
>> release without fooling around with it.
>I doubt that. You can't describe a whole host of Linux functionality with

Maybe. I've been looking at the UDI specs, and I've been pointed at
the people at Intel who are working on their reference
implementation. From what I see, it looks like it would be
reasonable fit which will not be too difficult for me to implement
(and for testing performance, what better that a slowish 486 machine
talking to a controller on a slow bus? If I can get this working,
then I can go back and start UDIzing things that I'm using
commercially, like the AMD Lance driver, which seems to have (1.09)
serious trouble when you put it on a firewall just upstream of a
ISDN line.] But I'll find out soon; I'd not be surprised if the
people at Intel are working on UDI for 2.2, which means I'll have to
independently implement it for 2.0.28, but if they're not, many
hands make light work.

david parsons \bi/ Ick. I hate kernel hacking.

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