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SubjectRe: cdrom & ide-cd maintainence
Hi Erik.

> I have just returned from a 3 week business trip, so if anyone was
> trying to get their cdrom problems fixed, I am sorry for my lack of
> responsiveness.
> I am increasingly finding that with the demands of both work and my
> family, I am not able to maintain the cdrom subsystem as well as the
> job requires. I currently maintain ide-cd.c, and the uniform cdrom
> driver (cdrom.c). Unoffically, I have been trying to maintain sbpcd,
> cdu31a, mcd, and mcdx. In general, the whole thing is in pretty good
> shape, except for a few bugs here and there. The problem is that I
> simply do not have the time (and to be fully honest, the interest)
> to maintain all this stuff anymore. I am porting nethack to Gnome in
> my (now minimal) spare time, which is currently much more satisfying
> ( for
> the interested).
> The cdrom subsystem is now up for grabs. Those interested in taking over
> maintainence of either ide-cd or cdrom.c, please contact me so I can
> arrange a smooth transition. For those wishing to take over maintaining
> the older proprietary cdrom drivers, i.e. sbpcd, cdu31a, mcd/mcdx,
> please contact me as well. I have a cdrom drive for each of these I
> have used for testing. I would be happy to mail my drive to you, for
> your commitment to maintain one of these drivers. The other proprietary
> cdrom drivers, are rarely (if ever) used these days, and do not need
> maintainence. Thanks for your assistance,

I'd be interested in them myself, but my CD is EIDE ATAPI here. I'm
not sure where you are - I'm in Aberdeen, Scotland, myself - or what
would be involved in taking them all on, so if somebody better
qualified comes along, let them have them...

Best wishes from Riley.

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