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SubjectRe: Arm the gnus

Hopefully I won't get involved in this, but I'd just like to
request that this thread be dropped or moved off to another more
appropriate list. If asked I will even set up this list ('linux-guns?')
so that people will have a forum to discuss these issues instead of
bloating linux-kernel with seemingly extremely off-topic discussion.


On Wed, 14 Oct 1998, Nathan Hand wrote:

> ~~
> On Tue, 13 Oct 1998, David Luyer wrote:
> > Please, kill this thread. I hadn't realised quite how insane Americans
> > are until this guns thread came up. I didn't want to respond to it but
> > the idiocy has dragged me into it - the belief of Americans that their
> > constitution is the law of the world (a country with laws which bans export
> > of encryption and yet do nothing to stop the masses from owning firearms).
> >
> > 1: This doesn't belong here. Take it to wherever guns-lobby loonies collect
> > and chat about how they should be allowed to bear arms (or in countries
> > with primitive laws, defend their right to bear arms).
> >
> > 2: There is no "natural right to bear arms". Any right to weapons is a thing
> > of the past, and the countries where it is legal for anyone to own a gun
> > are stuck in the distant past. In Australia, Pauline Hanson's One Nation
> > Party was the latest guns-lobby-sponsored political party. Their pro-guns
> > and pro-racism policies put them right where they deserved to be - out of
> > parliament.
> One Nation also mustered 10% of the Australian vote, but thanks to
> some clever electorate border manipulation by the government, they
> only managed one senate seat. I just thought I should make it very
> clear that Australian's are just as rasict and pro-gun as the next
> country's inhabitants.
> > The Australian society has grown up and realised that a society without guns
> > is a far safer society. It takes a cursory glance at the statistics of violent
> > crimes and deaths to realise that gun ownership is not a sensible thing for
> > the masses. If you need to own a gun to feel safe, move!
> I think it is unfair of you to request the topic be moved off this
> list, while at the same time getting *your* opinion in as the last
> word.
> However, if this highly off topic thread has shown anything, it is
> that putting emotionally charged issues such as gun ownership onto
> mailing lists with international representation is a *damn* stupid
> thing to do.
> Please kill this thread: some people are clearly being offended by
> it, to the point of sheer disgust, and there's simply no reason to
> create yet another point of division on linux-kernel (there's more
> than enough heated argument over devfs, oom, fbcon and vger).
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