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SubjectRe: 921Kbps on Linux: is it possible ?!?!

> # I've noticed that in the linux/include/asm/termbits.h there is no
> # definition for a baud rate of 921.6Kbps (it only goes up to 460.8Kbps).
> # Therefore, it's not possible to use setserial to set a serial port to this
> # speed ... is it ?!?!
> I've never even been able to get 460K to work correctly. I bought a
> highspeed serial board

Just a note: modern Winbond/NatSemi serial ports can do this, too, and
I probably have in my thinkpad... That means that even "normal" PC's
could be able to acchieve such speeds. I wonder if it is worth


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