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SubjectRe: Linux vs Microsoft
> From: Chris Wedgwood <>
> Subject: Re: Linux vs Microsoft

> Plenty of people do... I would hazard a guess that most of the 8
> million or so linux users originally used Windows<something> before
> they switched.

i believe the progression goes like this:

mac -> windows95 -> windows nt -> linux

mac because all the schools have them. windows cause that's what all the
pcs come with. windows nt cause 95 is ridiculously unreliable (not
everyone takes this step... it's an expensive one). and linux cause it's
free, fast, and rugged as hell.

ah... that felt good.

i think the main things that linux developers need to be concerned with
(as linux begins to butt up against ms) are:

1. desktop environment, preferably themable to windows, mac, and
other styles, yet still highly customizable.
2. interoperability with other networks and file formats
3. general purpose apps.

i would like to applaud the efforts of all the people on this list who
have worked on 2.1.x . when i first got it i was seriously impressed by
the improvements, especially when i found out that it can read many new
partition formats (like ntfs and some weird mac stuff). and the audio
improvements rock.

whenever i get a good product, i always take the time to let the people
who made it know about it. thanks for making such a great product. i can't
wait to see what's next.


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