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SubjectRe: [SHOWSTOPPER?] Network death in 2.1.124 (corrected trace)

That trace was against a slightly different, which was correct
enough for me not to notice. The real one is only slightly different...

page fault from irq handler: 0000
CPU: 0
EIP: 0010:[<c01da663>]
EFLAGS: 00010282
eax: 81867132 ebx: c01da64e ecx: 01ff9595 edx: fffffff8
esi: c200005c edi: c0e77cc0 ebp: c0217f0c esp: c0217ea8
ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss: 018
Process swapper (pid:0, process nr: 0, stackpage=c0217000)
Stack: c0165996 c1cacae4 fffffff8 00000000 c0e77cc0 c1cacab4 c1cacab4 c0217f0c
00000000 c020be40 00000002 3210989e 00000000 0000001c c1de0014 c1cacac8
c1cacab4 c0169a4b c0217f14 c0e77cc0 c1cacab4 c0217f34 c0169eab 00000000
Call Trace: [<c0165996>] [<c0169a4b>] [<c0169eab>] [<c0169ef8>] [<c015f318>] [<c01179d5>] [<c0110a5b>]
[<c0108041>] [<c0108078>] [<c0109810>] [<c0106084>] [<c0106073>] [<c0106000>] [<c0100176>]
Code: 13 46 a4 13 46 a8 13 46 ac 13 46 b0 13 46 b4 13 46 b8 13 46
Aiee, killing interrupt handler
Kernel panic: Attempted to kill the idle task!
In swapper task - not syncing
Using `/boot/' to map addresses to symbols.

>>EIP: c01da663 <csum_partial+77/e8>
Trace: c0165996 <ip_fw_demasquerade+156/49c>
Trace: c0169a4b <ip_local_deliver+1f/22c>
Trace: c0169eab <ip_rcv+253/2d4>
Trace: c0169ef8 <ip_rcv+2a0/2d4>
Trace: c015f318 <net_bh+16c/1cc>
Trace: c01179d5 <do_bottom_half+49/64>
Trace: c0110a5b <schedule+3b/264>
Trace: c0108041 <sys_idle+65/ac>
Trace: c0108078 <sys_idle+9c/ac>
Trace: c0109810 <system_call+34/38>
Trace: c0106084 <init>
Trace: c0106073 <cpu_idle+7/18>
Trace: c0106000 <get_options>
Trace: c0100176 <L6>
Code: c01da663 <csum_partial+77/e8>
Code: c01da663 <csum_partial+77/e8> 13 46 a4 adcl 0xffffffa4(%esi),%eax
Code: c01da666 <csum_partial+7a/e8> 13 46 a8 adcl 0xffffffa8(%esi),%eax
Code: c01da669 <csum_partial+7d/e8> 13 46 ac adcl 0xffffffac(%esi),%eax
Code: c01da66c <csum_partial+80/e8> 13 46 b0 adcl 0xffffffb0(%esi),%eax
Code: c01da66f <csum_partial+83/e8> 13 46 b4 adcl 0xffffffb4(%esi),%eax
Code: c01da672 <csum_partial+86/e8> 13 46 b8 adcl 0xffffffb8(%esi),%eax
Code: c01da675 <csum_partial+89/e8> 13 46 00 adcl 0x0(%esi),%eax
Code: c01da678 <csum_partial+8c/e8> 90 nop
Code: c01da679 <csum_partial+8d/e8> 90 nop
Code: c01da67a <csum_partial+8e/e8> 90 nop

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Axiom (Cambridge) Ltd., Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridge, CB5 0NA, UK.
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