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SubjectRe: How to invoke burst-read on PCI mapped memory area
On Wed, 14 Oct 1998, Hiroshi Kawashima wrote:

> Hello.
> In message <> you
> ......
> > Let me doubt, really !! I can't see any way an OS (Win NT) could work
> > around an HW limitation.
> No, no, it's not workaround of course.
> If I believe word of my colleague (I believe), 440BX chipset must have such
> capability. (To convert burst-read (aka cache line fill) on host bus
> to burst-read transaction on PCI)
> I do not have enough time to validate his word right now, but does this
> behavior sounds so strange ?

not so much. I have no trouble to believe that BX's have such a cabability
(at last !!) but the point is that it's not a WinNT feature, but a BX one.
If you could 'track' your colleague to get some information on the
register to tweek, you'd be useful to a lot of people.
In the mean time, i'll try to download BX specs from Intel site.

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