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SubjectRe: Fw: sendpkt: Connection refused
> IMO, SO_BSDCOMPAT should be the default.  The arrival of (possibly
> unrelated) error messages shouldn't disable normal operation.

I disagree. If you send a packet over a socket the error message is related.

> Setting IP_RECVERR and select()ing for recvmsg(MSG_ERRQUEUE) would
> be a much cleaner solution, wouldn't break older apps without
> error handling, and could still conform to RFC1122.

That isn't possible with select (because the exceptfd fd_set is not for
errors but for exceptional events like urgent data), but you can do it
with poll() by waiting for POLLERR.

> PS: Don't get me wrong. I would love to see a method to get reliable
> error messages (the error queues look right) but why should old
> APIs be broken by that?

Linux 2.0 had that kind of API fo two years now. Changing to SO_BSDCOMPAT
would break that "old API".


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