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SubjectStrange behaviour of 2.1.125
Hi folks,

I have noticed that sometimes, when mounting FAT32 partition as vfat
(Win98 disk, but was formated under Win95 OSR2) I get something like
"Wrong FAT, mounting read-only ..". Strange is that after umount
<fat32-partition> and mounting it again it works ... I tested the drive
with scandisk and all was ok.
Is this some Win98-related crap or is this a Linux bug ?

My kernel is 2.1.125, vfat compiled as module, modutils 2.1.121

Some other things - soundmodem doesn't unload itself when not in use -
the same behaviour as with soundcore. It seems that usage counter is

BTW: Can someone use parallel IOMEGA Zip drive with recent 2.1.x kernels
It always blows up on loading some scsi module, with "Device busy".
I tried to load modules manualy, but it didn't work. Zip-HOWTO is very
out of date.


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