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SubjectRe: soundcore not unloading (Was: Re: Show stoppers)
On Mon, 12 Oct 1998, Rafael Reilova wrote:

> > >
> > > One of the show stoppers is the inability for the soundcore module to
> > > unload itself from memory when not in use. Just ran into this one just
> >
> > ;-) As Alan said - fixed ages ago! But still not applied by
> > Linus (i wrote to Linus and vger but there was not responce).

I'm seeing several sound problems in 2.1.125 and 2.0.36p14. First is that
rvplayer is frying itself under 2.1.125. No biggie as I remember Alan's
info about the boo boo the Real folks made.

More serious: Quite a number of times I've had various sound apps fail
due to /dev/audio or /dev/dsp being in use. Yet there were no processes
using either. Several times I killed off processes to the point of not
having anything left save the kernel processes, init, and my shell.

What's interesting is that I'm seeing the same problems with 2.0.36p14. I
went ahead and backed all the modular sound patches out and have had no
problems since. I'd back out 2.1.125, but haven't looked to see how hairy
an undertaking that would be.

Lastly, I'm seeing a problem in x11amp. Now, not having access to the
source or any internal info, this maybe the closely related to the
rvplayer problem. During playback with realtime on, under 2.1.125 I can
provoke sound skips and pops without much trouble on a PPro/200 with 128MB
using processor intensive tasks. Note that under 2.0.xx it has not been
possible to make such things occur without doing something to cause
abnormal I/O starvation. Something I have never caused in "real life"
despite this machine getting very heavy use.

Test machines:

GW2K PPro/200 128MB
Soundblaster 16 PnP

Dell Dimension XPS 128MB
Soundblaster 16 (non PnP)

Both machines have been running these sound cards for at least 9 months
(the GW2K for over a year) without any problems under various 2.0.xx

Any ideas, or should I just sit back, shut up, and wait? :-)

-Jonathan < >
Jonathan A. Davis * The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg
Box 5171, Hattiesburg, MS 39406 * (601) 266-4107 * Fax: (601) 266-6264 * Internet Services Administrator at large... :-)
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