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SubjectRe: "per-process" limits (was: Showstopper list)
>Alan Cox writes:
>> user-level limits are a great thing, I don't think that user ID should
>> be the starting point for implementing a limit system. Instead, you
>Nothing says the luid matches the uids. It does in SCO, but Im treating
>it as an arbitary charge number - its your departmental code for accounting
>or whatever.

Sorry, I wasn't clear. All I meant was that its better not to try to
start implementing a limits scheme based on the idea that the limits
apply to *some* kind of user ID (luid, euid, etc.), since this is
restrictive. Better to start with a mechanism that makes no reference
to a "user" (thus allowing limits to be placed even on entirely kernel
side tasks), and then layer the user stuff on top. IMHO, anyway.


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