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    SubjectRichard Gooch
    You, Richard Gooch, are truly an arsehole of the first order for setting
    up a bouncing mail processor to kill off topics in the mailing list *YOU*
    don't like.

    It is SO simple to politely request that people desist from posting any
    more to a thread without resorting to such lameness as what you have

    Welcome to my kill-file, and I'm not interested in devfs anymore.


    /\_/\ Legalise cannabis now!
    ( o.o ) Grow some cannabis today!
    > ^ < Peace, Love, Unity and Respect to all.

    Check out
    Linux lo-pc3035a 2.1.125 #6 Fri Oct 9 13:53:00 EDT 1998
    One Intel Pentium 75+ processor, 66.36 total bogomips, 16M RAM
    libc 5.4.44

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