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SubjectRe: devel kernel wont boot
Matthew Bader wrote:
> I just joined the list to see if I could get some help with getting a
> recent devel kernel to boot on my system. I have a Tyan Tomcat III S1563S
> board. It is a single CPU board, but there is a versin of it that can
> accept two. When I try to boot 2.1.125 or 124 (these are the only ones
> I've tried) it hangs. Here are the kernel messages that I can see, before
> this it scrolls by to fast..
> Total of 2 processors enabled
> enabling symmetric IO mode
> init IO-APIC IRQs
> IO-APIC pin 0
> ..... here lots of numbers listed ........
> not connected
> MP-BIOS bug 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC
> ..trying to set up timer as ExtINT ..... (found Pin 0) ... failed
> ..trying to set up timer as BP IRQ...failed
> Kernel panic: IO-APIC timer doesn't work!
> In swapper task - no syncing
> (hangs here)
> In the mailing list archive I found some stuff about IO-APIC timers and
> some patches. My question is is there a current patch or workaround for
> this, and if so does it also fix the detection of 2 CPUs when I only have
> one? Or is my board screwed?

It's important to use a UP version of the kernel:
Comment out SMP=1 in the Makefile

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