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SubjectRe: Arm the gnus
David Luyer wrote:
> Please, kill this thread. I hadn't realised quite how insane Americans
> are until this guns thread came up.

And I find it quite sad, how many weakling sheep will step forward to bleet for
enslavment and against freedom.

> I didn't want to respond to it but
> the idiocy has dragged me into it - the belief of Americans that their
> constitution

America is a hypocrytical dung hole, and our constitution has NOTHING to
do with how the illigitement government acts. This of course is moot to
the point, because a peice of paper, or a group of men, have no baring
on what every man is born with....natural rights.

> The Australian society has grown up and realised that a society without
> guns is a far safer society. It takes a cursory glance at the statistics > of violent crimes and deaths to realise that gun ownership is not a
> sensible thing for the masses.

You are shoveling mounds of shit now. If you want to compare history and
statisics, it will show the most peaceful soceities were those with little or no
government, and extermely high personal weapons ownership.

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