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SubjectRe: network nicety
> Would it work if I got another IP address at the ISP and made the linux
> box there answer that address (proxy arp I guess) and set a static route
> to send those packets to my static dialup address (or a IPIP tunnel)..

Should do (and yes proxy arp)

> Could I perform CBQ on the incoming connection?

No you do it on your box on the ISP side for incoming and for outgoing you
do it your side. If its only her machine thats a problem you can do it
on your eth0 for "outgoing"

> What is Linux's current briding performance like? If I wanted to assemble
> a poorman's switch what cards should I use? Should I use tulips and route
> insted of switch (and use fast routing). Will bridiging to card-card on
> the right cards?

Tulip tulip and or tulip, and it wont do card->card but it will do card
DMA -> mem DMA -> card which is 2nd best.

Personally Im unconvinced a PC is ever going to be a decent bridge. For
IP on Linux its better to use static host routes for each port than


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