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SubjectRe: network nicety
On Fri, 9 Oct 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

> Its called CBQ and Linux 2.1.x supports it. Don't expect ISP end user
> ports to support it in the next 5 years however, $10/month customers arent
> worth the CPU cost of such things
> Alan

Alan, I've got a box down at my ISP. I really really want to use CBQ on my
incoming traffic (because I share a 64k ISDN with my Girlfriend and if she
touches a w3 site my SSH is unbearable).

Would it work if I got another IP address at the ISP and made the linux
box there answer that address (proxy arp I guess) and set a static route
to send those packets to my static dialup address (or a IPIP tunnel)..

Could I perform CBQ on the incoming connection?

another question..

What is Linux's current briding performance like? If I wanted to assemble
a poorman's switch what cards should I use? Should I use tulips and route
insted of switch (and use fast routing). Will bridiging to card-card on
the right cards?

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