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    SubjectRe: [ME TOO] Re: Linux-2.1.125 ... pre-2.2 imminent - SCSI issues
    Gerard Roudier wrote:

    > But being the low price at which we can buy way faster and reliable SCSI
    > adapters nowadays you may have problems to find a volunteer for
    > maintaining the driver for such an old horse that in real life had gone to
    > the abattoir years ago.

    I have such a beast still working in one of my machines. It is a
    486DX4/100EISA, which I got very cheap including 128M of very special
    memory (16MBx9 SIMMs). After my DPT died I switched to the AHA1542CF
    which was lying around somewhere. For 2 (rather old) disks and a tape
    it´s enough.

    Think of existing systems.

    Roland Steinbach <>

    Abandoned in Void of Nothingness

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