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    SubjectEthertalk networking
    Hi there.

    Just a simple query, and probably at least partially off topic here,
    but I don't know where else to ask, so...

    At the school I'm involved with, there is a network of PC's, currently
    running a mixture of Win95, Win98 and Linux. We also have some Apples
    which we would like to network to the Linux server as well, so that
    they can interwork both with the systems on the current network, and
    with the Internet when the Linux firewall is dialled in.

    The problem is that we've not been able to find any details on how to
    do this, either from a hardware or software point of view, other than
    the fact that AppleTalk is one of the options when configuring the
    kernel prior to compiling it. Hence my saking the following questions:

    1. From a hardware point of view, exactly what is needed to network
    the apples together, and interconnect them with a Linux gateway
    connecting to the school's PC network?

    2. From a software point of view, is there anything special that
    needs to be done to get a RedHat 5.1 system to talk to the Apple
    network once it's installed?

    3. Is there a better source of information on this topic than the
    Linux Kernel mailing list?

    Any advice much appreciated.

    Best wishes from Riley.

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